The main reason behind Netflix’s popularity is its simplicity. You can easily queue up movies in your laptop, gaming console or phone and start watching within minutes. However, there are some features accessible with Netflix and you may be not even aware of that. Keep in touch with Netflix technical support so that you get instant help when you need it.

1. Check out the movies coming and going on Netflix. Depending on the licensing rights, Netflix gains and loses rights on movies. With the help of third party websites you can find out what is new at Netflix and find out when movies would be removed. Netflix tech support will help you plan properly without missing any of the movies.

2. Make use of Instant Watcher to search in better way. So, you do not have to live with limited search options from Netflix.

3. Get smarter recommendations from Netflix by setting your priorities and favourite genres in “your account”

4. You can now eliminate buffering when using Netflix. Find out the steps and get rid of the irritating buffering screen.


5. When you are sharing your Netflix account with friends or family members, you should make different profiles for each user so that everyone views movies according to his or her preferences.

6. If you do not want anyone else know about what you watched, erase your browsing history by going to “Your account” and clicking on “Viewing activity”. Click X on the show you want to get erased and enjoy watching.

7. If you are not sure what to watch, maybe Netflix Roulette can help you take decision faster.


8. If you are watching movie or any show during peak hours, you can improve the buffering speed by accessing Netflix’s hidden stream settings. Call Netflix tech support phone number in case of any assistance required.